The Clansman range of radios was a complete tactical radio communications system for the British Army that was compromised from the following radios:

  • UK/PRC316, HF portable radio, fixed channels, formerly known as Larkspur A16 Patrol Radio
  • UK/PRC319, HF / VHF Portable Patrol Radio
  • UK/PRC320, HF Portable Radio
  • UK/VRC321, HF Vehicle Radio
  • UK/VRC322, HF Vehicle Radio, VRC321 with the addition of a 400W Amplifier
  • UK/PRC344, UHF Portable Radio, for Ground to Air Communication
  • UK/PRC349, VHF Portable Radio
  • UK/PRC350, VHF Portable Radio
  • UK/PRC351, VHF Portable Radio
  • UK/PRC352, VHF Portable Radio, PRC351 with the addition of a 20W Amplifier
  • UK/VRC353, VHF Vehicle Radio

This equipment is no longer in service with the British Army, as it has now been superceeded.

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