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AN/VRC22 US Army Signal Corp Military Radio
The AN/VRC22 was used by the US Army and other countries in the 1950's, 60's and 70's, it is ess..
BC221-AK - CPR (2444) Crystal Calibrator
BC221-AK Manufactured by CPR Overall in good condition for its age, as can be seen in the pict..
BC221-B Crystal Calibrator
BC221-B Sold as pictured. Looks to be original, antenna post is intact. Case has some marks..
BC221-T - Zenith (16292) Crystal Calibrator
BC221-T This is a very original, un-modified BC221, these are quire common to find but have n..
Clansman ARFAT Box
Clansman ARFAT Box This is the Adaptor Radio Frequency Antenna Tuning box, that connects the ..
Clansman Commanders RPU
Clansman Commanders RPU This is the Clansman RPU, this is used by the Commander in a military..
Clansman Commanders RPU Cable
Clansman Commanders RPU Cable This is the cable that connect's the RPU box, carried by a vehi..
Clansman UK / PRC 351 Wire Antenna
Clansman UK / PRC 351 Wire Antenna This is the wire antenna used on the UK / PRC 351, it is u..
Clansman UK/VRC321 HF Radio
Clansman UK/VRC321 HF Radio Manufactured by MEL in Crawley, Surrey, United Kingdom, this is the a..
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Larkspur Antenna Feeder Coupler
Larkspur Antenna Feeder Coupler This item is used to join two Larkspur type antenna feeder cables..
Larkspur C Box
Larkspur C Box This is the standard C box, that forms part of the Larkspur series of radios. T..
Larkspur Commanders Microphone
Larkspur Commanders Microphone This is the standard commanders microphone for the Larkspur range ..
Larkspur Condition Indicator Wireless Set B70
This is a piece of test equipment for the Larkspur B70 radio, these are quite a rare radio, as they ..
Larkspur Replacement Desicator
Larkspur Replacement Desicator Often when collecting Larkspur radio's these parts, which are norm..
Multipurpose Communications Equipment Mk2
Multipurpose Communications Equipment Mk2 Used in many British Army Fighting Vehicles such as the..
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