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Programming - RACAL Cougar PRM4735HA

Programming - RACAL Cougar PRM4735HA
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RACAL Cougar is now available to the public through various surplus stores. The radios are a very high quality, reliable design, manufactured by RACAL and later badged under the Thales brand.

If you have a radio of model PRM4735HA we offer a service to program the 10 channels to a frequency of your choice.

The PRM4735HA can be programmed between 138 - 156MHz, each channel can be simplex, transmit and receive on the same frequency or duplex, where they are on different frequencies.

Once programmed the radio will be able to be operated using clear speech, due to UK legal restrictions we cannot program the A and B keys.

If you wish to proceed, simply order the product, we will then contact you so you can complete a programming requirement form, you then send the radio to us, we will then program and test the radio, then returning it to you using a tracked method.

The radio will be tested for correct frequency transmit and receive, output power and modulation.

Due to the nature of the equipment, should you send us a radio that is faulty or it will not accept the program, we will refund you excluding the cost of returning the radio, £3.50p.

If you have more than one radio to program, please contact us for discounts, if you would like your radio's programmed in person, please contact us as this can also be arranged.

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