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AN/VRC22 US Army Signal Corp Military Radio
The AN/VRC22 was used by the US Army and other countries in the 1950's, 60's and 70's, it is ess..
BC348L (5060) HF Receiver
This receiver is offered for restoration, it has a number of knobs removed from the front and the ca..
BC348Q HF Receiver
This receiver has had the usual mains power supply added at some point. It has been modified and ..
Hammurland SP200 HF Receiver
This is the military version of the SP200 Hammurland Receiver. The design was pre-WW2, but the re..
Racal TRA967 Base Station
Racal TRA967 Base Station This is a very good clean version of this type of radio. This is bas..
Signal Corps US Army Radio Compass Unit BC433C Bendix MN26C
This is the famous Radio Compass manufactured by Bendix during WW2 and was a common site on most Air..
Yugoslavian RU-2/2K VHF Manpack
Manufactured in Bosnia, this is a relatively modern VHF manpack radio. It covers 30 to ..
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